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*gets down on one knee* will you… talk dirty to me


I was bored at outback

I was bored at outback

I was feeling bad but now I feel better
The end


princess peach and her odd male friends train for sport’s

Anónimo said: Ohhhh take the Easter: do u dye eggs, still get easter basket visit fr the bunny, how will u celebrate easter 2014, who cooks, what is your fav easter meal, have you ever had vegetarian easter meal and will you go to church

not entirely sure what this is referring to (besides easter) but ok
1. i dyed eggs like once… i think
2. my mom sometimes gets us little gift bags
3. probably by awkwardly interacting with my family
4. no one, we starve
5. uhhhh dark chocolate
6. i don’t think i’ve had a specifically vegetarian easter meal
7. very unlikely

Anónimo said: A,b, f,i, l k

ooh ~anonymous~
A. my last relationship ended because i felt like i wasn’t making him happy.

B. i’mma say my favorite band is the avett brothers. 

F. idk what my favorite movie issssss. i have a lot lulz

I. i just have my ears pierced once but i want a tattoo and another piercing~

L. uhh trying to think of an insecurity that doesn’t sound super
depressing… i’m gonna say that i feel like i’m really boring. 

K. my relationship with my parents is alright, not quite what it used to be. it’s not bad, but we’re not (and i guess have never been) all that close.


Roses // Outkast

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Marlon Brando photographed by Ed Clark for LIFE Magazine, 1949

Marlon Brando photographed by Ed Clark for LIFE Magazine, 1949